KAFOLATBANK has added a new service to the product line. Now, in OUR bank, a client can execute and open a letter of credit for conducting major transactions.
BANK introduces a new method of settlements between two individuals and between individuals and legal entities, allowing payment under the contract only after the seller has fulfilled certain requirements.

Letters of credit are a convenient way of settling for customers who make a big deal.

The buyer and seller jointly determine the conditions for executing the letter of credit and a list of documents confirming the fulfillment of obligations under the purchase and sale agreement and provided by the seller to the bank. At the same time, customers have an additional advantage: the possibility of non-cash payments, eliminating the need to transport a large amount of cash.

“The letter of credit in the Bank is an additional opportunity for our customers without fuss, in a calm environment to arrange a deal and to protect themselves from fraud. The letter of credit gives the seller a high degree of confidence that his goods or services will be paid as soon as he fulfills the terms of the transaction. The reliability and the level of the BANK’s service here play a key role: we carefully check all the documents so that the transaction will be carried out with the utmost comfort for our customers.